Another fastest growing division of SMS established in 2001 that serves the Surgical segment in many ways with its USFDA, CE and ISO certified manufacturers’ products:

Surgery: Surgical Sutures, Surgical Blade, Surgical & Examination Gloves, and Electro-surgical products. Anesthesia, Respiratory & Airways: Endotracheal Tube, LMA, Oxygen Mask, Nebulizer Mask, Anesthesia breathing circuits and filters. Urology: Foley’s Catheter and Urine Bags. I.V. Administration: 3-way stopcock (with & without extension tube). Critical Care: Ventilator Humidifier and respective circuits. Diabetes Care: Insulin syringe & Insulin Pen needles. Others: WHO pre-qualified auto disable (AD) syringes for therapeutic and immunization use, Disposable syringes, Safety box for syringes and needles.